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Damndest to Deliver

Badgehat Media Solutions has been one busy cookie. After meeting up with the crew to discuss what we have and will accomplish by the time we finish University, I - the ed., Nathan Dean - found it astonishing the number of projects we have fulfilled and the number of projects we are undertaking to add to our portfolio. Badgehat wants and does pride itself in how it can deliver a range of media forms to its clients-to-be and clients-at-present, and looking at the following list of endeavours it is quite apparent that Badgehat will be able to deliver media products of an excellent standard.

Now, to prevent myself sounding like a broken salesman appreciation record, let me actually explain what we have and will do/done/et cetera. You can be the judge:


Badgehat has produced a series of documentaries so far, the first of which for your perusal is that of In Vitro Gallery:

In Vitro Gallery was a fantastic experience for us. Working tightly with the artists as they produced their work, we were able to document everything from the events planned to the nature of the artist and their work. Though the gallery has recently closed, the documentary still stands its ground to show that Lincoln has a bustling art scene. If you want creativity, come to Lincoln (‘tis why Badgehat is here afterall).

In a similar vein to In Vitro, Badgehat documented the [Blank]Canvas exhibition at Dogma. This documentary will be uploaded soon, and shows artists displaying their work in the more unique setting of a bar/restaurant.

As well as documenting the art scene of Lincoln, Sam Clarke and Jim Booth developed a project into the history of the city as part of their University work. Badgehat, though developed out of new media concepts such as transmedia, web 2.0 and the such, uses such understandings to develop documentaries and other media work that can be displayed in a variety of settings. This history documentary for example was intended to work in tandem with the Cathedral and Tourist Information, and not just to be seen online through our vimeo account.


Though our niche - our purpose - is to promote, Badgehat uses fiction in both the conventional means of telling a story, and also as a device for the purposes of promotion. Just because you want people to buy a product, or to deliver an idea, does not mean the nature of the story cannot be used to depict such a concept/product/idea/invention/dream! 
To show off our abilities within story telling, Badgehat has already produced a series of movies for University and outside of it.

Initially, click here to view a previous post at the Bloghat showcasing a series of experimental pieces. As part of the University Media Production Course here at Lincoln, students were asked to produce a series of experimental short films. ‘Experimental’, as a term, really pushes the producer to think in new fashions to try and deliver an idea; this does not mean “thinking outside the box”, which as a statement alone is very much inside it, but rather utilising the tools already accessible to show something not yet seen. For example, Breaking Britain is a continuous 360 degree turn of a room as it evolves; Duality utilised digital media techniques to turn a shadow into a fully formed character. 

But Badgehat does not just tell a story experimentally, a term that could be regarded as empty-gestured or overtly complex. We’re also presently producing two short film enterprises at the moment, that we hope to distribute next year, 2013:


Nathan. T. Dean - he who writes this lengthy post into the workings of our little company - wrote Darren initially as a radio drama for Radio 4 before adapting it through his/my… My… before adapting it through my scriptwriting module at University into a short film. Badgehat took it on board to create a full universe around the short film: the audience can read blogs from the characters perspectives, see artwork produced within the world, play games that interact with the nature of the universe.

Darren Flatt is about a man who can read the nature of the universe; by judging how things move he can work out economic rises and falls, who will fall in love with who and how many cars will pass by his bedroom window that night. With all of this information in his head, he has forgotten how to be entirely human, until a girl comes along with a gift of her own.

Darren is presently in the editing stage, and you can click here to read up from our producer Rose on her thoughts on the project. Be on the look out for blogs, events and anything else we can dream up in the meantime. I’ll keep you posted!


Sam Clarke, lover of Lovecraft and writer of horrors, has dreamt of creating an alternate reality universe where all is terrible and the shadows are a danger to mankind. 

To fulfill this little nightmare Mr. Clarke is producing Monolith, a faux-trailer for a series of feature length movies that Badgehat will pitch to the larger media world. At present, Monolith is at the pre-production phase, with designs for the Monolith itself littering desks, steampunk accessories being gleaned from kitchen cupboards and scripts flying around like gribblies with melancholic batwings.

To move away from the metaphor, Monolith will be a piece of high-digital media prowess with a luscious series of locations. From seaside towns to smokey jazz bars, Monolith shows how a single event in modern history could be drastically altered if but a little of the cosmic gets in mankinds way.  


I may have showed the films and the documentaries, but Badgehat - as I keep repeating in my ever so glorious way - prides itself with being able to utilise many media forms. 

With this in mind Badgehat grabbed some computer students and coding wizards to begin work on games under the same banner. Our first game to be produced will be for Micro Jupiter, who performed at the Lincoln Youtube Gathering. Instead of producing a music video for the band, we decided to take it a step further. A Music Game, where the player collects points as they listen to the entirety of the song. We can’t wait to get playing around with their singles and soon you should be playing along to the dance-groove-dubstep-tune-music-mega-mixing that is Micro Jupiter!

Here is one of their previous singles, Scary Mary. Badgehat did not produce this music video (just so you know:)


As many may wish to point out, “why don’t you have a website to show off this stuff?” Well, oh ethereal internet presence, we will soon. The man behind Ellipse3 is producing a website for us, and soon will be moving into the house where many Badgehat Members live. This will speed up website production stupendously and soon you will be able to peruse all of our projects in a handy little flash-website. 


And speaking of Ellipse3… Mr. Fisher recently gathered a lovely lot of Youtube-ites together for his own nefarious purposes, a promotional field for gamers, vloggers and comedy-writers! Badgehat will be behind-the-scenes - and before it - helping in the production processes where we can. As we produce our short films, our transmediated campaigns, and other such media goodies, we will be there prodding and poking our greasy little media fingers in as we help out where we can. If you want to know more about the gaming side of this endeavour, follow the Lincoln Gaming Society Twitter


Most likely, most likely. As well as all of these projects there are unfinished scripts, book cover designs, press packs, interactive games, concepts and other floating ideas that will be put up on the website for your admiration (or hate, depending on what floats your own little boat).

In the end this post should begin to give you can idea of what Badgehat is capable of and what Badgehat has already accomplished. If you want to know more please email us at with any queries. We want to be there making exciting things for you people, and without people giving a damn what we make that makes the whole process a little sticky. So spread the word, give us ideas of what you want to see in the world of media and beyond, and we’ll try our damndest to deliver! 

News from the Front: SNC Radio

SNC Radio

News from the Front. Rose Braisby has this to say:

SNC Radio is a one week special radio station situated at South Nottingham College. I’ve been working there recently and it is wonderful being with the students who produce the content for the station. Featuring a variety of shows all created and presented by students of the college, it is definitely worth a listen. Just to the website at SNC Radio and click the Listen Live! button. Thanks everyone!

So there we have it! Our Producer - and Radio Extraordinaire - is working on the airwaves. Remember to check out Dabble Radio as well and keep your eyes peeled for an animated short made by Rose and her gang as well. Wonderful!

We’re winding down our second year of university now, production has been pushed slightly ahead into later May rather than early May as we sort out dissertation proposals, experimental short films and - of course - work experience with Radio Stations! Keep your eyes peeled for more transmedia wonderment from Badgehat Media Solutions

Keeping you Lovely People up to Date

Our lovely Producer Rose Braisby discovered this gem of a TED talk and so, whilst Badgehat rushes around like a media production official with a lot of media to produce I thought I’d share it before a larger post is uploaded in the futureplace.

To keep you people up to date - which, I suppose, this blog is for - Badgehat has been busy working on its first short film. We’re still in the casting stage, so if you’re intrigued please click here for more information. Can’t wait to hear from you. And if you don’t contact us, we still love you. It has been such a fun process getting the story that was in my head down into script format and then onwards to what it will become now, which is telling the story cross-platform with the short film anchoring it all for your viewing pleasure (as they say). 

But we aren’t just working on that. Badgehat prizes itself for trying to be innovative with its projects, and similarly with how it utilises its team. Ergo, myself and Arron Baxter have been working on a photographically driven project called The Dark Chamber (follow the hashtag here). I’ll put up a big sexy post about the whole project soon, but the basics are that it is a concertina book of photography Arron is producing alongside a story I have written. The tale is of a group of people living in a universe which, in its most basic form, is the inside of the camera, as they search for the mythical Shutter. I’m very excited by this, especially after working with Rachel and Sam (our lead roles) who were just exceptional. 

On a little note, if you check out the previous post or go here you can see our first documentary we’ve uploaded to you all, In Vitro. We follow a few events at In Vitro gallery in Lincoln. We’re entering it in the Staffordshire Film Festival, wish us luck!

Sadly I must depart back into the realms of writing, media debauchery and other tomfoolery. I’m writing for the Nick Darke award, as well as a plethora of other projects, and I must retire from pleasant ol’ Tumblr to continue. I can say wholeheartedly Badgehat is rolling like a steamroller rolling stones down a hill - which is a poor metaphor for working hard - and soon you’ll be wallowing in the worlds we create.

I leave you with a clip from DIY Days with Sparrow Hall and Ryan Aynes who speak of Brand Entertainment and linking Story to the Brand. Badgehat will be one such brand-story hybridiser, when our feet are firmly on the terra firma of firm Media, and so I ask you to peruse that ickle talk. Just because its a product doesn’t mean it can’t have a story; it is what fuels our imaginations!

I can’t tell you anything, here’s some Transmedia

I suppose, as editor of this little corner of the internet known as The Bloghat, I should begin to explain some of things going on behind the scenes.

But I can’t. Now that’s going to keep your interest peaked now isn’t it. A blog where I can’t tell you anything about what is going on. Well, that’s a lie. I can say some things. We’re presently working on a short film with a behind-the-scenes and some lovely transmedia elements.

And that shall be what I will talk about. Transmedia. It’s something here at Badgehat we feel a bit passionate about, mainly because its full of shiny new terms that media-ry people like to throw about at parties to prove they deserve a place in the industry. 

Transmedia is, seriously, a wonderful development within story-telling and marketing. It is more than just a quirk of media culture; more than a cliché or gimmick to make advertising executives smile. It’s a way of allowing the audience to fully immerse themselves entirely in a generated world. I’ll let Sparrow Hall explain, with his lovely webseries that can be found on his website:

I don’t want to go into a huge discussion as to what transmedia is, as people all over the net are debating how to define it, but it is important to note it’s existence, especially here at Badgehats bloghat. As a company we want to be able to solve your media issues - brand development, advertising a new shop, developing a story world around an idea you came up with one insomniac-laden night - through the use of multiple media platforms; naturally transmedia plays a major role in it.

This post is basically a leap point for anyone intrigued by transmedia. If you do want to learn more about transmedia I would suggest checking out Simon Staffan’s scoopit which has a wide variety of sources on the topic and look at some companies already delving into such a world (Foolish People, Clockwork Watch, and Starlight Runner). 

Badgehat is going to be on that list of people developing transmedia products very soon, and I hope you’re there to read the blogs and enter our universe. We’re going to show that even a student-driven company - where said students are fighting with essay deadlines, minimal budgets and aggravating acquaintances in seminars who havn’t done the reading (tsk tsk) - can create a highly developed world over multiple platforms. Our creativity knows no bounds. We are Badgehat, media solutions. 

This is the trailer for Foolish People’s Strange Factories. I do believe this will be spectacular.

Thanks, Nathan Dean, editor of the Bloghat. 

Strange Factories - HD Trailer from FoolishPeople on Vimeo.

Good day fellow creativicals, mediarites and filmic wonderfullers

Hello and welcome to the Bloghat, a rather impeccably titled part of the tumblrsphere following the thoughts and curiosities of a production company set in Lincoln, UK. 

Before I go forth into the minds of each of the people here at Badgehat, let me begin by telling you - you lovely literate, luscious, loomers of the light-network we call internet - who we are and what we do (and why I am allowed free reign with excess verbiage and exaggerated vocabulary right here and now).

Badgehat is - at present - a student production company whose aims are to flourish into a fully working member of the media-universe. Our skills in radio, film, audio production, scriptwriting, design work, photography, cinematography, giraffe taming and other equally auspicious talents can combine into a transmedial wonderland. What I mean is that companies come to us and say “we need this problem solving” and we think of the best way to do it, without being constrained by just film, or just sound. On the website someone else will write this who is more concerned with getting the message across; right now I am here to have a bit of a giggle and show you the side of Badgehat of chatterboxes, media nuts and just obscure conversations that have as much merit as overhearing two elderly gentlemen discussing esoteric nothingnesses on a train.

So, outside of this blog we are a hard working team of students and semi-professionals (and dare I say it professionals, as I find the term rather loose in todays market of prosumers; I mean you can have professional youtubers now, so the idea of “the” professional seems outdated). We are presently working on a short film with transmedial elements as I write this little corner of the blognet, and have already finished two documentaries. We are just collating funds for a vimeo account so we can show you those things and away we go.

But now to the blog. We have a little private group for badgehat where we organise our work but occasionally - being students - we will dribble on about a tree in the shape of a banana, or a man who can teach monkeys to swim, or possibly something media related. As those conversations appear I shall try my best to deliver the best to you, with my own editions here and thither.

Anywaysles, I must now depart to trawl through the brains of my colleagues to attempt to find some blog-gold. Good day all! 

- The Editor, Nathan Dean