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I can’t tell you anything, here’s some Transmedia

I suppose, as editor of this little corner of the internet known as The Bloghat, I should begin to explain some of things going on behind the scenes.

But I can’t. Now that’s going to keep your interest peaked now isn’t it. A blog where I can’t tell you anything about what is going on. Well, that’s a lie. I can say some things. We’re presently working on a short film with a behind-the-scenes and some lovely transmedia elements.

And that shall be what I will talk about. Transmedia. It’s something here at Badgehat we feel a bit passionate about, mainly because its full of shiny new terms that media-ry people like to throw about at parties to prove they deserve a place in the industry. 

Transmedia is, seriously, a wonderful development within story-telling and marketing. It is more than just a quirk of media culture; more than a cliché or gimmick to make advertising executives smile. It’s a way of allowing the audience to fully immerse themselves entirely in a generated world. I’ll let Sparrow Hall explain, with his lovely webseries that can be found on his website:

I don’t want to go into a huge discussion as to what transmedia is, as people all over the net are debating how to define it, but it is important to note it’s existence, especially here at Badgehats bloghat. As a company we want to be able to solve your media issues - brand development, advertising a new shop, developing a story world around an idea you came up with one insomniac-laden night - through the use of multiple media platforms; naturally transmedia plays a major role in it.

This post is basically a leap point for anyone intrigued by transmedia. If you do want to learn more about transmedia I would suggest checking out Simon Staffan’s scoopit which has a wide variety of sources on the topic and look at some companies already delving into such a world (Foolish People, Clockwork Watch, and Starlight Runner). 

Badgehat is going to be on that list of people developing transmedia products very soon, and I hope you’re there to read the blogs and enter our universe. We’re going to show that even a student-driven company - where said students are fighting with essay deadlines, minimal budgets and aggravating acquaintances in seminars who havn’t done the reading (tsk tsk) - can create a highly developed world over multiple platforms. Our creativity knows no bounds. We are Badgehat, media solutions. 

This is the trailer for Foolish People’s Strange Factories. I do believe this will be spectacular.

Thanks, Nathan Dean, editor of the Bloghat. 

Strange Factories - HD Trailer from FoolishPeople on Vimeo.